There is frailty in your words,
I was once foolish enough to believe them.
I'm older now, and more the wiser.
While I still love you, I trust you less.
There really is no need to lie to me.

Promises are the ways of cowards.
In your hollow words it is us you condemn.
For without trust there can be no love nor honor.
Weighed down with your lies, under duress,
And I'm longing to be free.

One day soon, I'll shed this thin cloak
Sewn together from broken promises.
I'll leave you behind with your false hope.
The loving embrace of cold truth
Waits to chill my mortal body.

As my final act it's Death I invoke
For Life's lies are bottomless
And Death with it's truth I elope.
You took my soulmate in her youth
Now I'll join her with no regrets, here lies Beauty.