Hi I am Angelic N. going by ReadOrWrite84 here! * = I used to have an account here ages ago but for the life of me can't remeber the username and no longer have the email I had at the time! So I got a new acount in hopes to relearn and rejoin this site! Some minor info about me:

Name: Angelic N.
Username: ReadOrWrite84
Height: 5'8" or close enough
Wieght: Don't know, I refuse to weigh myself but it was 175 lbs. the last time I did though.
Fave Food(s): Fish'n'Chips, Nachos, American Chop Suey, Most Veggies, Salads, tacos, burgers
Fave Drink(s): Milk, Ice Tea, Chocolate Milk shakes, V8 Splash Fruit Medley
Fave Anime(s): InuYasha, FMA, GunGrave, Death Note, Razen Maidens, Fruits Basket and Bleach
Fave Music Band(s): Linkin Park, Green Day, Evanescence, Garbage, Fall Out Boy, and many others

If you have any questions at all juist ask.....oh and I should mention I am really bad at understanding most chat speak annoying really!