Title: Uta No Prince Sama: Maji Love 1000%
Alternative Names: Prince of Song, UtaPri, UtaPuri
Genre: Romance-Comedy, Reverse Harem, Bishounen, Music, Shoujo
Plot: Uta No Prince Sama is about a shy girl named Haruka Nanami. She transfers to a school of music as an aspiring pianist and songwriter, her dreams of such influenced by a famous singer, Hayato Ichinose. At the school, she meets a Otoya Ittoki, Natsuki Shinomiya, Shou Kurusu, Masato Hijirikawa, Ren Ryuguu, and Tokiya Ichinose.
She and these beautiful young men have to create a year-end song that will determine their graduation and road to fame. She must choose but ONE partner for this....but there are SIX boys to choose from!! And to make matters worse, she can't date any of them!! WIll she finally choose her beloved prince, or hit the road solo!?
CHARACTER: The characters were beautiful, I'll give them that. But their personality seemed a little cliche. You get that leading guy who has some unique feature on him that makes him seem like that one she'll choose, then you have the stoic one who had this heart shattering past that made him lock up all emotion. Sorry, I just don't like characters like that. So forgive me for the 5/10 I'm giving
ANIMATION/ART: This was my favorite part of the anime. You got sheet music, the shining saxophone, the beautiful stages and more. The art looked like such dedication and time was put into it you would want to puke rainbows seeing all the shimmer in the anime. So I give this one a 10/10
SOUND/MUSIC: Of course, being an anime about music, you can't help but expect toe tapping music. The opening theme is addicting, I say. It's mesmerizing for the most part. The music mainly consists of piano and violin, and sometimes it'll be a guitar. But the piano music reminds us of what Haruka is there for.
OVERALL: I give it a 7/10. As a bishounen fan, this one has been a personal fave. I love music, and I love beautiful men. If you like a good male harem, don't hesitate to watch it, kay?