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Thread: Anime/s with these Descp. Gang Fights?

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    Default Anime/s with these Descp. Gang Fights?

    well today I was watching CANAAN and on ep3 about 2mins in the building bacement thingy reminded me of some anime with something like this:
    a lil gang runs a private bar or something and the gang leader got hurt (he really died) and was absent alot being posed by his sister or some girl, one day the other gang and the gang that runs the bar have a fight neer a river thing that you see alot in animes and b4 much fighting was done (between the leaders) its found out that a girl is posing and the bar gang's leader then the main char of anime interveens or somthing
    that storything is like 1 episode from a anime
    what came in mind was The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya but I didnt remember anything like that and Clannad but the same :/ I remember the main guy of the anime got involved in the fight... thats all for this one I guess

    this next one they under a bride over a ally or something and this one gang guy that is like mental or so has a gun and pulles it out on a other gang guy who i think kicks his donkey a bit XD i wanna say he apeared wearing red maby red hilighted hair too this guy and the guy he attacked were like popping, it was like these are the only guys in the world that look like this and when you see em you gunna know who this guys is!
    i think the other guy was wearing some white and used to be in a gang or so
    Thats really all I can think of

    sorry if its that bad of a desc maby if u think its worth asking, if say this happened or this or that happened, just ask


    Edit : I found out one of the animes I was looking for... wish I found out b4 I posted and not a min after posting XD
    was clannad after story unknowen episode number
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