If there is one thing I feel that I am good at writing it is haiku poems. These are a few I have written in the past year. Enjoy!

Only darkness will
Know the truth in the silence
Of a broken heart

This is a modification of a poem I submitted about two years ago. I had the syllables backwards and so I fixed them.

Despair not, fret not.
Silver lining lies near in
The gloom of sorrow

Woe is you and I.
Burnt and scorned, we do not love.
Our imperfection.

The iciest blue,
Flowing golden strands of wheat.
My darling dearest.

Glowing amber light,
Sweet darkness of the raven.
My heavenly love.

These last two are quite personal to me. They relate to my sister and I and I wrote them as pair. They are meant to be together. You may have one without the other, but neither is really complete unless together.