Whenever I read Butters

I think of South Park..

:I .. off topic but meh.

mm, well so far I can't see who to vote for..

DButters(Syaoran) is innocent (just a hunch.. :v)
Hollowdoll is innocent (not because she's busy, but because I suspect I know who she is..)
Nat is innocent (due to lie detector)
Daken is innocent (due to lie detector)
Jozz is innocent (lie detector)

as for
andreline, MaruDashi, and Albear
don't know

at first I thought Albear was Yuyuko, because he would always hint to who to test, and such.. (coincidence I guess)
now I believe MaruDashi could be Yuyuko (and she was just following Albear's lead, and everyone elses) , and because of what Jozz pointed out.

as for andreline, I have no clue who he could possible be :I ...

I'm ot going to try the Lie Detector, because
1. Yuyuko is out of cards.
2. I doubt she'll (refering to Yuyuko's gender not player behind Yuyuko), flip through posts to search me :I ..

:v long post is long..