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Thread: Silent hill 2 Nurse mask progress

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    Default Silent hill 2 Nurse mask progress

    I've been working a plaster mask that covers my whole head. My first mask (well technically it was my second but that aside..) only covers half of my head. Idk..always kinda bugged me for some stupid reason i guess. I really enjoyed the ease of putting the mask on and taking it off. It's pretty nice. I was going to use latex but i have no experience with that (no space or materials otherwise i totally would..). The only flaw i have with latex other than the experience issue, is that you can't really take it off. If i want to eat/talk i'd have to remove it all. I just didn't want that hassle. I ended up creating this mask from plaster that completely covers my head. It comes off and on quite easily and it's light as heck. I can see/breathe just fine. The weird looking face part is actually the BACK of the mask. like so :
    The otehr mask pictured here, the lighter colored one, is my first mask. I love it and will still wear it but i wanted to see if i could push myself a little further.
    The third picture is actually the front of the mask compared to my old one. I've spent alot of time with it and it's paid off pretty well i think. When people come up behind me, they'll see that "Face". My roomate's pretty excited for me to wear this..i just need to make a hat for it. I spray these with a few coats of matte spray paint so i dont have any issues with breathing in plaster dust. Feel free to let me know what you guys think.
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