Was just wondering if any of you all had little 'happy places' you go to really relax your mind? What are they? Care to explain, in detail?

I have quite a few Happy Places, I think I will only mention 2 here though..

The first is my most used:
I am standing on the top of a hill covered in the most brilliant golden wheat. It spreads all around me and briskly covers the rolling hills in front of me. I know that behind me the hills and golden wheat rolls on for as far as the eye can see. The land in front of me though is not just golden rolls, it is dotted in the distance with majestic mountains, capped in bright white snow. Between the mountains and I, nestled softly inbetween a few hills, is a rather blue pond. Although over a mile away, I can still make out the shape of an animal, most likely a deer, drinking from the pond. All around me birds chirp, play, and squabble. Their chirps are softly lulled by the light and soft breeze from the mountains. The wheat stands about waist height, and softly tickles my hand as the wind flows by. Beside me, I can not see, but I know their lies someone. I can feel our connection, and love without seeing them. I know all is right and I am happy, and nothing needs to change.

The second is a bit different, but not any less used:
It's late but not midnight late, as the countdown has not started yet. I am standing alone, on a platform, in a room of about 30,000+ people. Everyone is watching me, their hands high, and their smiles wide. The room is big enough to hold all these peopla dn more, but everyone is still visibly packed shoulder to shoulder. I can hear nothing, but can feel the amount of noise in the room, reverbrating off of my bones. Directly in front of me lay four turn tables, a rather large sound board, my laptop and iPod, and a few other instruments. '10 seconds till MC Countdown Mr. Collins' comes over my monitor headphones. I begin fading my track slowly, while slowly removing the headphones. The wave of noise hits me, but not in a shocking way, more like a splash of cool water on a hot dry summer day. The enjoyment from the croud is so much that a tear tries to battle its way out of my eyes, but I do not let it. I see the MC moving along his platform towards me, I know its time for that New Year countdown, I begin to fade out my last track, and bring a more atmosphereric track to the front. The MC yells 'Ladies and Gentleman, DJ. Collins will be bringing us into the New Year here at Sensation White Dusseldorf Germany!' That is the end of that one, usually thats all i need

What are some of yall's happy places?