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Thread: How is every one's day today!?

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    Default How is every one's day today!?

    How is ur day going so far friends? It's very over cast over here.
    what would be the perfect rainy day for some of you??

    Mine would be with it raining for hours, and staring out the window and getting lost in the sound. Till some one comes and ruins my pondering.... then i have to turn around throw the plastic smile and tell them
    sorry thought i saw something out there. ( why lie? because my roommates for reason's i can not say have a very good reason not to let me ponder too much. for my sake n theirs) No dont ask, n no i dont much
    care to your theories about it.... soo...

    SOOOOOOO.... WHAT ABOUT YOOOOU GUYSS??!!>!!>!oh!o!!!ldldld!!
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