I don't mean Pokémon, or Voltron (for any of you 80's cartoon fans).Those are ANIMES. I mean your favorite straight up cartoon.

My fav would definately be Avatar:The Last Airbender (I don't count Legend of Korra cause I haven't watched it).

I have alot to say on it. This show had it all. The characters were so well-developed and likable (or hatable) that they felt real. They were fleshed out, and you really got to know them. Take for example the main fives relationship with Zuko. While Toph trusts him immeadiately once he turns good,it takes a individual journies with him to get the otgers to. Heck, even Momo and Appa had great characters! You could tell that they were good friends, and they both cared about Aang. And the romance is very well developed for a cartoon.

The subject matter was wonderful too. The world they lived in seemed real and was fleshed out, yet still seemed mystical and magical. And the story. Some of the plot points were very dark. Like the brainwashing in Ba Sing Se, and the blood-bending. Heck, they even had a character death! But it always found the sweet spot of being dak enough to keep slightly older audiences, but still being able to be cheery and corny enough to pull younger viewers in.

The way the show was edited was also wonderful. The two plot per episode was a great format. It helped you put evertything into context and helped you really understand the story. They alsi never broke their own rules. One character bends this way, this character always bends this way. This character acts this, he/she acts that way. The plot was always the same, and they called back on things that had happened in th show previously, again making it seem more real.The characters also mture, physically and mentally. They even decided to make the voice actors the right age, so the voices change along with the character.

Enough of my rant. What's your favorite cartoon?