So, about a week ago I came across this The Register article on initial attempts to simulate the human brain.

More impressive videos can be found on the front page of the home of the project:

My questions to you: If the human brain could ever fully and accurately be simulated, would it be human? How accurate do you suppose the simulation would need to be for it to be considered human? Is it ethical to simulate the human brain?

While we are biological, I think if the functionality of the brain can be fully and accurately modeled, then even the simulation would be one of us (because it works almost exactly the same way).

I find it amusing that future strong AI could be accurate replicas of us. You would suspect that accurate and fast simulations of the human brain could solve all sorts of problems (current AI does not resemble us at all except for neural nets).

NOTE: Does this belong here or Computers & Technology? While it does relate to computers and technology, I think the question is non-technical and therefore belongs in Miscellaneous Miscellany.