Fate Stay Night

Type: Anime - 24 episodes.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance.

Plot Synopsis: Histories greatest warriors serve a group of masters battling to collect the Holy Grail which grants the winner any wish they want.

Video Review:
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Story: 7/10
The story whilst simple does give plenty of room for a good action orientated anime. The story bustles along at a good pace and the finale is great.

Characters: 7/10
A mixed batch. The lead is boring but Rin Tohsaka makes up for it. A number of the summoned warriors are interesting to listen to and have fun back stories.

Art/animation: 6/10
The battles look good but that's about it. I expected a lot more from the greatest fighters in history.

Voice acting, music rating: 6/10
The soundtrack is decent and the voice acting never goes to wrong. Its not going to set the world on fire though.

Overall: 6.9/10