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Not even allowing any discussion on the subject-that's what's stupid, that's what's unnecessary. It's like banning the use of world "sex" out of fear people will get horny and start posting porn at some point.
That's not what Ranshiin is doing; notice how he hasn't closed the thread. Unless there is some serious trolling going on (and there is a chance that that might happen), the thread is fine. However, as he has pointed out, some subjects simply draw more ridicule than others; the furry fandom is one of them. And this ridicule usually comes from mean-spirited people, ignorance based on stereotypes, or both. Case in point: your post about furries having sex in public.

Were you being mean? Probably not. Was your post based on ignorance? Yes.

It should be known that the vast majority of furries, American or otherwise, have normal sexual patterns, have the same aversion to public sex as most people, and facepalm (facepaw?) every time someone mentions "yiffing" in public.

Now, to answer the OP's question, if my profile pic (not my avatar; the pic for my profile) is any indication, I am technically a furry, since the broadest definition includes an appreciation for anthropomorphic animals; I certainly draw them a lot and I do have a wolf hat and a wolf tail and I have worn these things together on days other than Halloween.

However, to open another can of delicious worms, instead of being a furry, I am actually a Therian.

Things just got weird....