Heey everybody (^_^)/

Since I'm posting this here, you guys will already have a liiiitlle suspicion, but I'm new here

I'm glad this is such a big forum, since anime is not breaking through in the Netherlands yet... (why does it have to be super-popular in France and Germany and England and the USA, with dubs in those languages and good translations for manga and the like) So being able to find a place to be able to talk is GREAT *twirls in happiness*

Anyway, a little something 'bout me, ne?

I'm Dutch, a girl (yaaaay for girls ;P), a scout (I know it sounds lame, but I don't know nicer, funner and more hooligan-like people anywhere else).

I know Dutch (of course), English (the only other language I'm reeeeally good at), some German (I can make myself clear, but I'm not good at learning all the words and the like), and I'm willing to start learning Japanese (because I can ).

My favourite anime list:

Kaichou wa maid-sama
Skip beat
Angel beats
Death note
Vampire knight

Favourite manga list:

Kaichou wa maid-sama (new chapter, come to meeeee *Lisa uses "chapter-calling", But it failed)
Skip beat (Same as KWMS)
Fruits basket (how empty I felt when I finished it, but oooh so happy, beautiful ending)
Battle royale (Nobody I know liked it, because they found it too gore, I loved the story though)
Faster than a kiss (which made me scream "JUST KISS ALREADY", several times *blushes*)
Boyfriend (Daisy Yamada) (very short, but sooo cute and lovely)
Moe kare (yupyup, totally gonna be mine, that cute Arata <3)
Kitchen no Orihime (not that long, definately a MUST-READ, made me cry, shocked, smile and drool because of all that FOOOOOD)

I know this is kind of a long introduction, so I'll say it fast:
"I hope to be able to make a lot of friends here, who'll chat with me and have fun here "


*Lisa uses teleport, But it failed.....* *sighs*