As a long time anime fan, it is strange for me to admit that I do not actively watch much anime anymore. I can say that at most, I have probably watched at least less than 4 hours of anime throughout this year. I have only watched the two Berserk movies and the new Code Geass movie all in theaters. It's ironic that anime makes up a significant fraction of the reason why I studied Japanese and moved to Japan, and ever since I moved here, I really don't watch it that much anymore. I just prefer to spend my time outside exploring my neighborhood or the closest biggest city. And when I try to watch something I ripped from my DVD collection, I just can't and I don't know why.

As for manga, I still actively read it. I live right next to a 7-11 so I can read the latest Shounen Jump, Shounen Magazine, etc. when they come out.

But anyway, I don't think I've outgrown watching anime. I still like it and share with my friends that I grew up watching it. Lots of my co-workers are surprised that I happen to like Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2. Hell, I still use anime theme songs as my ring tones and just the other day, I freaked people out with my ring tone of Rashiku Ikimashou.

I know a lot of people would go to Japan for all the anime stuff, but this all happened right after I moved here. Has moving here completely destroyed my motivation to watch anime or what?