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Thread: Steve blum Sailor moon fanart.

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    Default Steve blum Sailor moon fanart.

    So i never draw fanart. Period. I'm pretty terrible (at least i think so) with human figures but not as bad as when i was in high school. I looked at a bunch of different reference photos and kinda made each one with my own style/touches while making sure it looked like said character. Steve's been my VA hero for quite some time and i've never had the honor of meeting him. I'd fangirl like no one's business lol ; ; I've watched a bunch of different videos of him on youtube and ran across one where he was asked this: If there was a character you wished you could have voiced, but havent, who would it be? He responded with : Sailor moon. I'm sure i'm a few years late to this party but i found it utterly hilarious as did my roomate. Upon showing said roomate he asked me "What if Spike was in Sailor moon's outfit?". I said "Oh. my. GOD!" I couldn't stop laughing...missed my exit when i was driving to work i was laughing that hard (and for that long). In any case, i started drawing spike first. Then i was like "Hey what if we do a bunch of characters that steve voiced all wearing the different sailor outfits?" So, thus it began, the drawings of ridiculousness happened. I tried drawing each character as though they're reacting to being put in said outfits. Here's the list of characters we used:
    Mercury- Leeron from Gurren Lagann
    Mars - Wolverine from Xmen
    Saturn - Vincent Valentine from FF7
    Moon- Spike spiegel from Cowboy Bebop
    Venus - Char Aznable from Gundam
    Jupiter - Mugen from Samurai Champloo
    Uranus - Eikichi Onizuka from GTO
    Neptune - Orochimaru from Naruto
    Pluto - Roger Smith from Big O
    Mini moon - TOM from Toonami
    Luna - Guilmon from Digimon
    Tuxedo mask - Steve blum *yes there will be a beard there too...*
    Evil guy - Starscream(Queen Beryl) from transformers and Amon(jadeite) from Korra.
    My roomate helped pick some of the characters as well so a big thank you goes out to him for this.
    I actually had a hard time drawing spike since cowboy bebop was what brought me into anime. I just felt SO bad but laughed at the same time...then felt bad all over again. My feels were all over the place. He's the only one that really bothered me to draw. The rest of em were just hilarious xD. Roomate and i have a weird sense of humor and I'm sorry if this in any way shape or form offends anyone. Feel free to let me know if you guys like this or not.
    On a side note: I did mail Sailor Spike out to Steve blum around Oct 29,2012 along with a copy of the pic. I wrote him a letter along with what needed to be signed and shipped back. I told him he gets to keep the original and i want the copy back. I drew a thought bubble next to spike's head on the copy and asked him to write something in it for me. I'm all sorts of excited and nervous as to what he'll write. I wish i could have just shown him this drawing in person because i'd love to see his reaction. From what i've seen steve's got a pretty awesome sense of humor but I've been all sorts of paranoid. It takes anywhere from 2weeks to 2 + months to receive a response. One month seems to be the normal response time of which seems totally appropriate given his schedule. I can post up what he sends me back if/when i get it if anyone is curious that is lol.
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