1. Zeta Gundam
-Intense story, vast majority of character that play some contributing role, great action, dark soundtrack

2. Ashita no Joe
-Great characters, distinct fight scenes, very realistic to some degree, get an idea of the transition period of Japan between World War II and their progressing prosperity that would peak in the 1980s

3. Gundam 08th MS team
-Great characters, beautiful animation, you see every side to the story, characters develop, all about trusting your teammates and yourself, intense soundtrack, but dub and original Japanese track are equally excellent

4. Hajime no Ippo
-Educational, immersing, funny, large cast of characters, always brings something fresh, TERRIFIC manga

5. Street Fighter II The Animated Movie
-A must have for fans, dub and Japanese versions are distinct, action is not over reliant on being gimmicky, its hardcore and raw