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I used to get REALLY pissed off at how over-protective my parents were, but since I've gone to university my relationship with them has changed quite a bit.
My sister used to annoy me so much, but I find that I miss her a lot now that I don't see her every week.
Also, university has made me realise that my brother and I are so similar in most ways. He's like my spirit animal xD

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Don't worry, you can talk to us!
I was the same during secondary school (aged 11-16), but once you get to college I think you'll meet more like-minded people.
You should try and find anime clubs (if there are any) around you!

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Parents generally don't get anime xD
My mum just stared at my Bleach poster when she visited my dorm the other week. I love her, she's so clueless! xD
Nice! My mom does that to. she stares at me when im watching anime lol