I think since the old one is so old and Eric is AWOL, then starting a new thread for submitting reviews is best, and it also helps everyone to know exactly who they need to speak to.

Direct c/p from OT --

This thread is for signing up to post Game reviews (FAQ).

Basically, you post the game that you wish to review, and from there I'll approve it and you make you review a thread.

The title of the thread should be along the lines of "[username] reviews [game]".

The threads will be open for feedback on the review and "light" discussion. This is not a free pass to spam and stuff. If I catch you spamming someone's review I'll just delete your post. Please be respectful of others' reviews and keep any criticism polite and constructive.

So basically, nothing has changed in terms of the format and what needs to be done. Just I will be approving the reviews you want to post instead of Eric.

Thanks for reading. :]