Okay so I am bad with "intros" so if I seem to either talk too little or too much; I'm sorry. New here and as most of you may have guessed I am an anime fan and as some of those most of you whom guessed that may even go a step farther and guess I am a Blood + fan. If you guessed on both; you're right. Other animes I like include:

Inuyasha (as well as manga)
Naruto (as well as manga)
Bleach (anime only and behind on it...)
Fushigi Yugi (some manga but saw all of the anime)
High School of the Dead (anime only)
Death Note (anime only)
Ouran High School Host Club (anime only)
First few seasons of Poke'mon (don't care what they did to it now)
Fruits Basket (anime only)
Battle Royale (manga and novel)

Thats all of them (I think). Anything else I miss? Just ask here or wherever. Thank you for having me here!