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Thread: Sign Up: Legends of Sakura

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    Post Sign Up: Legends of Sakura

    Long ago in Feudal Eastern Asia, there existed an ancient empire, known as Sakura Toitsu. Under the great Dynasty of the Sakura family, the empire prospered for centuries. Here in this great empire, all people of all race lived together. From Neko to Kitsune, the animal people thrived in a time of great peace and unity. However, as time passed, the nations wished independence from the Sakura, while keeping within a close alliance. Yuka Sakura, the last, and most famous, of the Sakura family, released the nations from her wise rule, as her last dying wish. From then on, the many nations continued to prosper, but over time, greed crept it's way into the clans. A great war ensued, breaking the Sakura Alliance and driving the nations into solitude, so also ending the Sakura period. The Sakura dynasty faded from memory and into legend.

    From here, the clans were scattered, and in different ages of advancement. Soon, they encountered each other once again, alliances and cold wars were created. Okami, the wolf clans, waged war against many of the races, hungering for power. The war grew into what seemed like a relentless struggle of survival and power. In their final hour, Yuka Sakura presented herself as a ghost of the past, calling upon valiant rulers, fighters, and anyone with a pure heart to rise against the Wolf Prince. News soon spread throughout all the clans, and people of all kinds honed their skills to match that of the Wolf Prince's forces. Ninjas, Mages, and Fighters of great diversity sought to challenge the rule of the Wolves at last. However, these distinguished individuals would soon find they they would be fighting more than the Wolves. Some will become friends among each other, while others become mortal enemies. One thing was for certain, thought, and that was that only the strongest, wisest, wittiest, and fastest would succeed.
    Character Sheet:
    Name: (First and Last, if you're [in]famous, a tittle in "" wouldn't hurt as well. (The name must be "Asian"; Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc."))

    Gender: (M/F)

    Age: (Keep them young enough to be able to do battle.)

    Race: (neko=Cat | inu=dog | kitsune=fox | usagi=rabbit | tonbo=dragonfly | mausu=mouse | kuma=bear) (Note that people are not furries.)

    Faction: (Optional; make one up for the sake of background.)

    Art Style + Powers: (Adept in the art of _____, skilled in _____ _____. (Include your weapon if need-be.))

    Appearance: (Please LINK the picture. Also, remember, this isn't a furry RP. Animal ears, tail, teeth, with human skin, etc.) (If you have trouble finding pictures, don't hesitate to PM me or look on Safebooru.)

    Personality: (From the adorable Tsundere neko to the awesome power of a bear-boy, anything is possible!)

    Bio: (At least a basic back-story of how your character came to be and what not.)

    Other: (Anything else noteworthy.)
    Character List:
    (Sample Characters)
    Name: Takara Natsuko "of Nine-Tails"

    Gender: Female

    Age: 33

    Race: Kitsune

    Faction: Len Seoung Monestary

    Art Style + Powers: Adept in the Ninja Arts, skilled in stealth, quickness, versitility, and adaptation. With her Chain-Kamas, she quickly slices through enemies, relying purely on physical and mental swiftness, and thus possessing little raw strength.


    Personality: Quiet and cold on the outside, Takara is a very confedent woman, and is very independent. She has few friends of her own, but is willing to do selfless acts. On the inside, she's quite lonely and isn't very good at making friends, while also very insecure about her own skills. She rarely gets angry, and upset more than the lather.

    Bio: Takara was born and raised in a very wealthy house hold. Her parents let her roam and do what she pleased, so long as she behaved. Her family was famous for not only being rich, but every member of their family possessed nine fox tails instead of the usual one. Takara and her family also had close ties with the rulers of their Kistune clan, and Takara saw the world how it was very early in her youth. Still young, her father was assassinated, and she herself kidnapped by a Ninja group known as the Black Summer. They had mistaken her father for a corrupt official, and in return for their fatal slip up, they returned her to her family and disbanded. Takara's pain in her heart was both of depression and regret, as she felt that the Ninja group didn't need to dissolve, she felt she was responsible for the whole thing. Thus, she trained herself, dedicating her life to being a Ninja in the name of her father and to carry on the Black Summer's memories. When she was sipping water from a well, she saw the ghost of Yuka Sakura, and heard her instructions. Since then, she has trained even harder, pushing herself as she carried the heavy burden of her father, the Black Summer, and her entire race.

    Other: Takara is blessed with magical powers, although minor. Her Kamas are imbued with a property that leaves a mark on any of her targets she has cut, and live. Takara can sense the presence of them until they die or until the mark is removed by Takara.

    Name: Asari Taiyoru

    Gender: F

    Age: 16

    Race: Neko

    Faction: White Tails, keepers of Eimin Senzai <Gardens of Eternity>
    (Her clan takes care of the gardens since ancient times, its their legacy and while most of them don't even know what the garden entails it is in fact one of the few remaining treasures left behind by the Sakura empire. Rumor has it there are mysteries hidden within this mysterious garden, nobody outside of the whitetails are allowed inside and nobody but their leader knows what's really hidden in the gardens, and even he doesn't know where it is... it is said that the gardens might be the final resting place of the empress, and there are even legends of it possessing mysterious powers of its own.)

    Art Style + Powers: Adept in Arcane Arts schools of alteration and restoration, skilled in healing arts, and healing herbs. She also has the power to alter the shapes of objects with her magic. <The WhiteTail Clan has always had an affinity with magic arts>

    Appearance: Asari

    Personality: And adorable and caring girl, can be clueless at times and often fails whenever she attempts to do something new. She wishes for peace between all the tribes and wants to find a way to stop the conflict... she lacks the self confident to head out on her own and is often seen as a cute klutz by the rest of her tribe. She tries to be strong enough not to cry, even when she hears some of the villages calling her a failure... after all they expected way more from the chieftain's only daughter.
    Bio: Asari was born an only child, her mother passing away after her birth mostly due to her already being 47 at the time of her first baby. The sole fact she was born is a miracle and while she was slightly weaker than most boys and girls growing up her father, the leader of the village always kept a firm loving hand over her, and everyone expected good things from her.
    It was soon after her enrolment in magical classes where they soon discovered time and again that Asari would not be the next in line for the rule of the white tails, after all it was law, only the strongest can be leader, and while her magical abilities were strong, she was limited to healing arts as her destructive spells would often explode right in her face sending her flying back towards the ground.
    Asari is helpful at what she can do, and while other members of the white tails can do it better, she still gives it her all, because of this and in light of her being the daughter of the old chieftain the rest of the villagers overlook her natural klutziness and try to care for her as another valuable member of the white tails.
    ... but something will soon happen that will make them change their mind, an event that will set the young girl into an adventure to stop the conflicts once and for all, to help her grow as a person, and to gain the trust and respect of her tribe.

    Other: Her father is currently 65. The village is mostly self contained and well defended from outsiders. Trades happen in a sort of Bazzar every week at the edges of the city, but no outsider is let past the gates to the magical academy, much less deeper inside were one can find the entrance to the Gardens of eternity.

    Meishin Sakashima 'The Unraveler'.

    [Meishin being derived from "bewilderment" (mayoi) and "mind" (shin). Sakashima meaning "reversal" or "inversion,". Please forgive me if this isn't right. I used the internet to find this out and we all know it can be a bit wrong at times.]




    'Honden of Magic's Winds.' The College of Mystic Arts.
    A school devoted to teaching magic to any who wish to learn and can find it. Has taken a neutral stance in the war and refuses to aid any side. Protected from attack by powerful enchantments and equally powerful teachers. Said to be built around a hidden, unrecognised Houden that powers the magic which protects the college.

    Art Style + Powers: Adept in the art of Counter Magic skilled in Illusions and understanding and manipulating the nature of magic, magical objects and curses; as well as how to defeat them. A Master at anti-magic, but still skilled at magic.
    Despite being a mage he has kept himself physically fit, but is not a close quarters fighter.

    In addition he has two long black Fox tails with murky yellow tips.

    Meishin comes across as a forceful and arrogant person. He is forever pushing his own limits and sometimes seems obsessed with gaining more power and control over Magic. All this steams from his love of his family and clan; and his dream of undoing what plagues them. He is a caring person inside, but takes offence easily and is quick to anger. His fierce loyalty applies to his friends as well, and those who have managed such a feat feel confident to have him watch their backs.

    Meishin was born into a Kitsune clan known as 'Forever Two'. A small clan of Kitsune, their bloodline has been cursed for as long as it has existed. The curse manifests itself visibly in their black fur and how no matter how any of them try, they shall never have more then two tails. Each one born into the clan has a shortened lifespan, with many of them not reaching the age of 35. However worse then that, is the belief that when they die their spirit is drag away into a void, never to rest. No one in the clan knows why they are cursed as they are and no one has been able to cure it.

    Under the great Dynasty of the Sakura family the Clan was quite stable. They were not as large as others, and they still had a stigma about them, but they at least lived more worry free lives. Yuka Sakura was said to have promised to help the Clan be rid of their curse if she could. But of course fate had other ideas. When the nations became seperated the Clan fell into the background and an unknown shadow loomed over their fate. The war now erupting threatens to wipe the clan from existance.

    Meishin was one who refused to accept this. Quick to learn and fast to grow up, like all from the Clan, he set off to the 'Honden of Magic's Winds' to find a way to save them. It was because of this that he threw himself head first into his studies and aimed to master the art of displing magic. He put a lot of effort into his studies, and though his social skills suffered for it, he did earn friends throuigh his determination and drive.

    As Meishin's mastery of magic grew he soon earned the nickname 'The Unraveler' for his ability to combat magic. He impressed a few teachers at the College, and used this to try and gain more knowledge from them towards his goal. As time went on however he became increasingly aware of how short his own time was becoming. He soon began to cut lessons, ones that didn't pursue his goal, in favour of spending time reading over old tomes and listening to lectures by old masters.

    Meishin is starting to reach his goal. He is sure he is. Though he understands he requires more power, but his most recent problem has been trying to discover the origin of the curse and why it came about to begin with. Even with his time getting less and less he pushes on.

    Recent events however have made him realise that even if he does succeed, there is a chance that the current war may wipe his Clan out first. He can't let this happen not when he is so close. Because of that the moment the rumour of a counter offensive and of the ghost of Yuka Sakura reached his ears he left the College and set off to aid others in this mission. He would bring his power of magic to protect those involved from the magic's of others. All the while keeping his eyes open for anything that may help him in his own quest to end the Curse.

    The sooner the war is over the sooner he can return to his goal. That is if he can survive for that long and if he has the time left to accomplish it.

    The Clan of the 'Forever Two' is currently in hiding, trying to avoid getting caught up in the conflicts, but this won't last forever.
    Their curse is well known by other Kitsune and some Clans view meeting them as an ill omen.
    Meishin's Family consists of his mother, two younger sisters and a older brother. His father has already fallen to the curse a year before the war began, and his mother does not have long left.

    Name- Ushibi Korone
    Gender- Female
    Age- 18
    Race- Okami
    Faction- None. Outcast by her People, Ushibi has forsaken all of her Clans and Titles.
    Art Style + Powers- Ushibi fights dirty, With Tooth and Claw, Tail and A small arsenal of hidden weaponry. She has Poisoned Dagger blades, Shiriken hidden under her long fur, Toxin filed needles and Vials of Acid, All in addition to her Razor Sharp claws and teeth. She also has Speed powers, enabling must faster movement that normal, And can use her tail as a Shield by hardening the Fur with Magic.

    Personality- Unlike her Kin, Ushibi is Witty and Quick thinking, but Alot frailer than Most of her kind. She doesent take well to rigid Autjority, and certaily doesent do well under Strict Commanders. However, She is loyal, as long as her trust isnt shaken.
    Bio- Ushibi was born uncontrollable. Her mother couldnt handle her, And she had to be cut from her mothers womb. But Even then, Ushibi managed to injure a Doctor and kill her mother as a newbirn. Growing up with just her Father, She was kept locked away, To be groomed properly into the quiet young daughter he expected. Ushibi refused to be Shackled though, and constantly picked the locks on her room door, sneaking out to play rough and tumble with her friends, a group of Alley wolves. From tgen she learned Dirty fighting, How to concot nasty brews, and move quietly and unseen. However, This all changed when her Father caught her Stealing from him, And Ushibi was outcast, thrown from her fathers home in shame. None would accept her, the dirty thief, and she was forced to leave her Homelands. She found herself Amidst Strange company, In a very strange land- And rumours of her prince's aggression were spreading
    Other- Her poisons are designed to Cause weakness, Temporary blindness or hallucinations.

    Name: Ming-lee hiwatara "reader"

    Gender: F

    Age: 16

    Race: neko

    Faction: The soft lotus

    Art Style + Powers: Adept in the art of stealth, skilled in healing, reading people. A cane with a long thin sharp blade in it

    Appearance: her eyes a muggy blue

    Personality: basicly gently but can be distant and emotionless

    Bio: Ming-lee or ming as most called her was the youngest of a neko triplet litter. Her mother discovert soon after her birth something odd, where her elder sisters Ming-lei and Ming-soi had beautifull bright blue eyes, ming's were a muggy blue and dull. her grandmother did some tests with her and discovert she was blind. Despite it, she was loved by her family and specialy her elder sisters. The villiage she grew up in was thanks to the warriors peacefull and ruled by a council who claimed there ancestors were members off the sakura court. When ming was 5 she was playing with a villiage boy in a game off 'chase'. Seeing she relied on her ears rather than her eyes she pounced on the wrong person. A elderly kitsune who came to vist one off the elders, he wasent offend and waved off ming and her parents apologies. Instead he offerd them something that shocked them, he could do a ritueel with ming so she would gain a form off sight. It would not be the same sight as the rest off the villiage had but it would help her. Her parents agreed eagerly and the ritual was done a week later during a full moon. after the ritual mind was kept in a dark room for a week and slowly gained the strange sight. She could after a week fully 'see' someone or rather there aura. The kitsune had dissapeard not long after the ritual but had given her parents a warning. the ritual was old and though she would not lose the sight it could develop itself. Though not sure what he meant they accepted it, ming was quickly a mistress off stealth and hunting, the aura seeing gave her the advantage that she could often see people through a bush if it wasent to thick. she was also tutored in healing after the first development manifested itself, she could see when someone was ill in there aura's and after a while she could determine wat was wrong by the color. A few years later however a more negative skill manifested itself, ming became able to tell when someone was lying. The other neko's became relucilant around her because off this. The councill however was very intrested, they knew off the ritual that had been done with her and that the sight could manifest certain skills but this one was very usefull for them. so ming was taken from her parents at the age of 10 and taken into the great house off the council members. They gave the best clothes, the best tutors in healing and slightly fighting. her normal wooden cane which her father had carved was taken from her and she was gived the black one she has now with the blade in it. the villiage started to dislike her, believing she enjoyed the better things and nicknamed her 'the reader of lies' or simply reader for short. Ming herself became distant over the years do to the not loving treatment and being away from her family. between the tutoring and fight training she stood beside the council members when thet had important meetings, she became there lie detector for treaty's and she hates it.

    Other: she can only see things that are alive, rock and furniture are still invisble to her, she can't see through tree's, rocks or water. bushes are possible when they are not to thick.

    Galactic Pretty Boy:
    Name: Taira Liang Bai

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: Usagi

    Faction: Fannalis Raijin Usagi Tribe

    Art style/Powers: Master of close combat Raijin Taijutsu(The Fannalis blessing of Raining gives Taira the power to exude thunderous kicks/punches. Adept in Usagi Tribe Mind Tricks( The ancient Fannalis tribe's mind bending ninja arts. They focus their passive calm chi into a surrounding atmosphere or enemy and induces a state of unconciouse or serene trance/ oblivious state.


    Personality: Taira is very friendly, outgoing, and easy going. He's naturally passive and calm however he isn't afraid of confrontation. Taira is loyal and takes care of his own and tries to see the good in everyone, friends, kin and even some enemies.

    Bio: Taira was born in the grassland village of the Fannalis Raijin Usagi Tribe. The Fannalis are humble monks living and praying under the guidance of the thunder god Raijin. The ancient folklore says that Raijin took pity on the Usagi for only knowing a life of being prey he blessed them with a divine ligtning bolt in there legs giving birth to faster and stronger Usagi with kicks strong enough to split the stomaches od ten lions. Taira's upbringing was very peaceful and serene. Day after day Taira and his tribal kin would gather food, tend to crops and run a prosperous village. It wasn't until the Wolf Prince and his impossing agenda of domination that the Fannalis tribe's time of serenity and peace was shattered. First a peaceful verbal decree was given to the Fannalis tribe but when they respectfully declinded the General of the Wolf expansion Army sent in his troops day after day to ravage and forcefully persuade the passive Usagi monks to give in and pledge allegiance to the Wolf. The Fannalis tribe was once a great warrior group only using their abilities in ancient times. Now faced with confrontation the tribe was ready to combat the Wolf General and his army however on the day of a returning wolf troop the Fannalis village elder stood up in front of her kin and bellowed a humbling speech "The Fannalis are a peaceful people! We do not fight and participate in barbaric conquering rituals! If you must fight, fight the battle of never losing your roots! Fight to live on another day as a strong Fannalis monk!" She turned to the general and surrendered. With a smug smile the general took arms and destroyed the Fannalis Raijin Usagi Tribe. Wiping them out the Fannalis warriors with raging thunderous heels were spread out far and few in between. Usagi everywhere can spot the Fannalis by there tan skin and white hair and a cultural disperity is always followed suit. Taira is one of tfew Fannalis Usagi left .he vowed to stop the Wolf prince's impending domination on a peaceful era. Not finding many who are bold enough to oppose the Wolf Taira is often tasked with disbanding and taking out Wolf territories alone.

    Other: N/A
    Racial Index:
    (Information/Stereotypes on Races)
    The most well known of the intelligent animal races are the Neko. Bearing kitten ears and a tail, and some even having cat fangs, these cute little people are known to be deathly fast and agile. Although somewhat adorable, their blades and claws are the sharpest, as well as their eye sight. They can see the best of all animals in the dark, and one should beware of wandering into their hostile territory after sundown.

    The Inu are quite the under-credited race of dog-people. Loyal to their friends and family alike, they have a keen sense of direction and you won't find any other race as good as them in navigating even the worse of mazes. They have a great sense of smell, and exceptional hearing as well with their dog ears upon their heads. Their tails vary from thin to shaggy, but are quite short.

    The Kistune may not look harmless, but they are masters of deception and have a way with their words. They can trick even the most wisest of men and women to do their bidding, and are sly and stealthy as if it weren't enough. Their huge fluffy tails and fox ears hinder them from being their quickest, however, this doesn't stop them fully.

    Usagi, the true masters of speed and quickness. They are the most intelligent and resourceful of the races. They aren't necessarily agile, but they posses the highest levels of speed that no one can hope to match. Their tall bunny ears help them hear the quietest of sounds from kilometers away, and their fluffy tail doesn't get in the way of their abilities to jump high heights.

    Quick, friendly, and the only race that can fly, these dragonfly-people are quite the ally. Although they can be a little clumsy and aren't too bright to standards, they do love people and are great friends to have. Their long antennas make all of their senses extra sharp, and their two pairs of long dragonfly wings lift them high in the air with little effort. Often needing guidance, they are a race that will try their best, for the good of everyone.

    Cute and small, these little mouse-people are great team-workers. They fight with almost anyone and can coordinate any group of hooligans to get a task done. Their small mice tails are good for body language and their large round ears are simply built to hear commands. You will never find better cooperators than the Mausu.

    The Kuma are a race of wise, gentile creatures. They have the knowledge as vast as the sands in the great deserts. Tough, and passive by nature, they will valiantly defend their allies as well as fight for them, if the cause is worthy. Their bear ears are small, yet can pick up any cry or holler even through winding trees in a forest. Their tiny tails make room for their ability to hit hard, while being very durable, yet slow.

    The Okami may appear reckless, but are a force to be reckoned with. They group in hordes and are quick in blows. Their wolf tails and ears make their balance nearly perfect, allowing them incredible attack potential. Their general intelligence is the lowest of all the races, however, and are known to not get along well with anyone "different".

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