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Thread: Sign UPs: Requiem of Shadows

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    Default Re: Sign UPs: Requiem of Shadows

    Name: Lieutenant Jonathan Tynes

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Deity: Hachiman

    Magic: Void <Limiting to spiritual, mental, and bodily energy. Explained in his hidden techniques/powers.>

    Summon: A big ten foot tall, twelve foot long black wolf is what he can summon with help of Hachiman, the God of war and protector of all people of Japan. This creature is part of John's soul, where it to be destroyed when John summons it, he would lose a part of him and summoning another could prove fatal if his soul isn't fully mended through meditation.

    Weapons: Tar-21 Assault Rifle, M24 SWS sniper rifle, Ninety-two pistol, three fragmentation grenades, one smoke, 10 inch long serrated combat knife, and his own bare hands

    Hidden Techniques: Riastrad: Battle rage where Jonathan loses all humanity and turns into a stone cold killer incapable of emotion for who's life he takes. This is an ability granted to him by Hachiman.| SEALs Resolve: When John calms down and depletes his body of all fear whatsoever in order to think clearly in a tough situation. This is a self given ability mentally founded upon warfare experience and coping with the loss of friends on the field.

    Appearance: A tall and well built man with hair cut to military standards. His muscles are large due to intense physical training. His face would be handsome were it not for scarring from former wounds. Eyes with clashing colors make up for this though, a stunning blue/grey color that can be found rather attractive when he isn't in a cold and ruthless disposition.

    Specific bodily dimensions:
    Weight- 231 lbs
    Height- 6'7
    Tattoos- US Navy SEAL emblem on the right forearm, a curling snake on his left.
    Disabilities- Wearing down knees, will give out most likely as he gets older and puts more strain on them. Due to alcoholism and at times withdrawal, John has a horrid temper. He changes moods real quickly in a flash from apathetic to absolutely enraged. This doesn't earn him many friends, but it certainly scares the hell out of his enemies because he is so unpredictable.

    Biography: Jonathan, or John as he is called casually by friends, was a US Special Forces Officer. He grew up in the United States and never really stayed in the same spot once he began to deploy. John never really talks about his family or his life before the military, so nobody really knows anything about his back ground. After a few years of action, John was deployed to Japan where a mission went wrong with a peculiar anomaly. He, with the help of his firing team took down a horde of hostiles that were, for lack of a better term, zombies. They succeeded in defending the village, but at a price.

    Everyone except for Jonathan died in that firing team of twenty US SEALs. John didn't bother calling for an evacuation of his person, instead he stayed with the villagers to defend them and help them recover at any cost. In his time there, he began having strange dreams and visions of warfare, samurai and ashigaru in battle to be exact. These dreams were vivid and went on for a week straight, but on the last day of the week, the god Hachiman visited him in a dream and spoke to him. The god was grateful that John had stayed behind to defend people that he was a stranger to and rewarded John with his powers of Riastrad<Riastrad is of Gaelic origin, but it best describes what happens> and his summon. In return, John swore an oath to do as Hachiman willed and to defend his people. Now that the village has established a defense, John moves on to find more people to help and to do his new God's will. His journey has only just begun.

    I've no clue what would go with the lore of this RP, so I have a few questions. Are his guns allowed? Is he carrying too much gear? He scavenged the sniper rifle from one of his dead squad members. Should I list how much ammunition he has? <Question directed at Kaze Shigure >
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