New to this forum, but an anime veteran ^.~
I love anime and manga and have pretty much my entire life. I feel it's taught me a lot in life and alienated me in certain ways from my peers that gives me some sort of insight into what it's like to be different because i haven't really grown up around such an acceptance of anime or let alone Japanese Culture being born in California. The only taste of genuine Japanese culture i received was when i signed up for Pray For Japan and took a private flight into Japan to help with the earthquake relief services. I cleared debris, rescued lost civilians and lost pets as well as delivered food to needy people. I spoke not a word of japanese other than what i had learned from anime and was armed with my trusty English-Japanese Dictionary. It was certainly a fun and life changing experience being there in the middle of it all n.n in my free time i enjoy reading and playing video games (i live across the street from a library, thank the lord) and i am a student in high school.[: Please, everyone feel free to send me a PM or friend request. I love meeting new and interesting fellow otakus!
Arigato Gozaimasu~<3 ^.~