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Thread: Greetings Anime Fans

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    Default Greetings Anime Fans

    Greetings Anime Fans My name is Jorge Paiz and I am glad to be part of this Anime forum with so many like minded people. My favorite Anime

    are Naruto, Bleech, Death Note, Blue Excorsist, The list goes on haha!!!

    I also want to let every one know that I have my own anime radio show in which I do a live broadcast every Monday from 7PM-9PM EST with my co-host Big Andy.

    We like to talk a lot about new and old anime and what is going on in certain anime series as well as ask questions in which we can have discussions with our listeners on the air.

    We not only talk anime but video games, cosplay and movies as well. We also give out free prizes every single show in which listeners can call in to win.

    If you would like to listen to us live or listen to our most recent episode you can check us out at ACFRADIO.COM so check us out and I look forward ro having many discussion on this forum
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