Ok so its simple recommend one anime and be recommended a anime/manga

Rules to trading:

Stay to the forum genre
For each anime/manga you decide to watch post who recommended it and recommend 1 anime/manga for every anime/manga you let people recommend to you

Things to include in a recommend:

A short summary of the anime/manga
How many episodes/volumes it has
Is it still on going

Optional thing to include:

Languages its produced in
Trivia about it
Release date

I recommend Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty (season 1&2)

Summary: (WARNING i may spoil the anime)

Yuuki is the main character in this story she lives at a school where humans and vampires co-exist in a way the human and vampire are in too different schools in a way cause vampires are the night class wearing white uniforms and the humans are day class wearing black uniforms even though they are co-existing the humans do not know that vampires exist. Back to the main character, Yuuki is what they call a guardian cause she trys and fails to make sure the night class dont meet during the night, she has a fellow guardian that also like her brother his name is Zero but he has secrets that he does not tell Yuuki. One of those secrets is that he loves her, but she loves someone else he is the guy that saved her life from a vampire when she was a kid but he him self is a vampire but not a normal vampire but a pureblood.

(i left out a lot but thats on purpose >)

it has a total of 26 episodes 13 in each season

I dont think so but there is room for a third season

English and Japanese

Most english/dual audio versions of the first season you can find online will glitch out at like episode 11 unless you buy it

Spoiler alert
when Yuuki find out zero is a vampire she dos not change her opinion of him but when zero finds out Yuuki is a pureblood he vows to kill her once she leaves the school but yet Yuuki only loved him like a brother and he loved her more than anyone

Don't let this spoiler ruin the anime if you read it, its still a good anime
Yuuki is in love with her brother and he is in love with her but she does not know hes her brother till the end of season two and still loves him and they end up being lovers

Thanks for you time and lets try to make this thread awesome!!