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Thread: Most Interesting Costume Design in Anime

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    Default Most Interesting Costume Design in Anime

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering if any of you generous folks could point me in the direction of the most striking or most cutting edge design/visual style in anime. Characters, costumes, mecha, spaceships, hairstyles, whatever really. As long as it's extremely interesting and unique.

    I'm working on a multimedia project involving fashion design, video, and music.

    Some peripheral questions which you may or may not decide to answer:
    What current anime most points in the future direction of anime art style? (Think about an anime like Evangelion. Which current anime is most likely to have a similar level of influence visually speaking?)
    What are some interesting anime that feature androgynous/hermaphrodite characters (and aren't hentai)?
    Any additional thoughts?
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