Lift me high and take me far,
Rhythms pounding in my heart.
My legs are yours to command.
Oh, how you inspire and take me
To such ecstasy filled heights.

From symphonies gilded in golden crescendos
To the dirty grunge and lewd lyrics
And arias to make angels cry
I am your slave forevermore
Sweet Euterpe, my goddess, my muse

Sopranos chill my spine,
Altos melting my soul,
Tenors passion churns my blood,
Bass' shaking me to my core.
Giving me my lullabies.

Satire and seriousness,
Covering the whole range
Of human emotional spectrum.
Passion and sorrow,
String it together and me feel.

This is a work in process. I'm going to make a few changes to it. It's not quite right yet.