Yep. Done.

When I first came to AF under the username BloodStorm, I really enjoyed the site. In the last year or so, my opinion has changed. Also, in the last 48 hours, I have received a few very disheartening private messages on my Facebook and YouTube accounts about my stance on the Amanda Todd fiasco. One of them a threatening message towards my unborn child. I feel like I made a few good friends here, but the number of enemies far outnumbers that. I am aware that I brought this all upon myself. I could have easily conducted myself in a much more mature manner when addressing my points about Amanda Todd.

However, I bid the friends I have on this site a sad farewell. To those of you who sent the messages to my Facebook and YouTube, I hope you feel like a god damn winner. You have no idea of the hatred I feel towards you and all you stand for.

Its been fun, AF. However, changes need to be made. I may return when my child is born and post a few pictures for the friends who I don't have on my Facebook. I may not. Who knows.

~ Dr. Evil.