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Parents need to give their children knowledge, not rule after rule. Tell your kids the risks of the internet, tell them about sex, tell them about bullying and how they can fight against it. I think this story should spread knowledge to help parents educate their children, it might help save more suicidal teenagers.
I'm short, I have a different type of speech and my facial features are iffy. My mother was always worried I'd be bullied. So she told me to just laugh along. I was never really bullied, but I've always been very open to poking fun at my faults. It has really helped. I don't know if it actually deterred any problems but I'd like to think it did. Probably the best advice my mother ever gave. Just laugh along and have whatever fun you can with it and it'll go away. When people see it bothers you, they'll continue. But when they see it has no effect on you, they'll usually get bored.