funny this is making me remember my father's jfk story. my father was playing hooky the day jfk got shot and he was in the 7th grade at the time. him and some buddies ditched and all they did all day was play football with some college dudes and bought tickets to a college football game on that weekend and on the way home, he passes by the university and he says the other people crying and he goes home when it is supposed to be home from school and his older brother told him the president was killed.

i only did it when i was 14, my freshman year of high school. my best friend and i went to different schools and during that time we werent hanging out and we just only talked on the phone (not much broadband internet or smartphones yet). so we secretly planned to just ditch school, meet up at the local supermarket and just do whatever. we had older friends call in sick for us pretending to be our parents and it was the bomb. went to the mall, played at the arcade, had pizza, went back to his place and played goldeneye and the wrestling games on n64.

i hope you enjoy your time off or whatever you did to skip class.