So, my sister came to me yesterday asking me for advice on what to do about her relationship. The guy was pretty cool, a douche-bag to me though for no reason...

Anyway, she told me her friend and her boyfriend were fooling around with each other behind her back. This wasn't just kissing or holding hands...they slept together, and even did drugs ( i think it's called tabs? the f**k if I know...) together..

So I told her the obvious, screw em both.

Today though she is still with this guy, but not friends with her friend anymore.

I was thinking wtf really sis? She said it was all her friend's fault...he wouldn't of done those things without being forced to.

I stopped her right there and told her whatever and hung up the phone...

So now I ask you guys,

what would you do if you found out that your friend slept or fooled around with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Would you tell em both to hit the road? or choose one over the other?

if you say i choose my boy/girlfriend or friend and screw the other person, then why? what is your reason?

I think this is actually a good topic to debate on....just out of boredom though...