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Thread: Take a Song and Paint a Picture

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    Default Take a Song and Paint a Picture

    Basically just take any song, preferably a BGM or OST from your favorite TV show, etcetera, and describe a scene or picture that comes to mind whenever you listen to that song.

    Here's my first one.

    Breathlessly - Katawa Shoujo かたわ少女

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayu
    You are on a battlefield laying face-first in the ground. You sit up in a daze, and as you look up, you see the endless battlefield; the same battlefield you reside in at this very moment. The Hell of war and chaos has completely engulfed this land. Canons balls repeatedly strike the nearby land surrounding you. You are nearly deafened from the chaos. However, even so, you can still faintly but distinctly hear all the sounds of the battlefield surrounding you. The cannon balls crashing into the earth, the continuous gun fire raping the air, screams of agony and pain from your dying soldiers; You can hear everything.
    You are the Lieutenant of your massive brigade. Prideful and complacent, you had lead your army into this battle being so sure of your victory and even so sure of it has to do so against the constultance of your superiors. But.. your army is being obliterated right before your eyes, and you are powerless to stop the battle already put in motion. The battle is a failure. This is all you fault. You are unnaturally calm amidst this hellish battle for the only reason that you are more concerned with your sin, your fatal error, over your own life. Every comrade who fell today fell because of your arrogant pride. And regardless if you could ever undo this terrible mistake you have made, a captain must go down with his ship.

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    Here is my second scene, and for the same song, Breathlessly from Katawa Shoujo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ayu
    Two warriors who have been locked in rivalry for many years have come to a deep cavern with stalagmites filling the empty abyss as if trees in a forest. The two warriors have travelled long and far and have suffered thru many trials, both seeking to achieve their respective goals. But they stand in one another's way. If one is to achieve their ultimate objective, the other must fall. As true rivals with purpose, this clash was destiny. And so the battle begins, and the music plays. The footsteps in the puddles echo from all directions, filling the hollow. The clash of metal can be heard time and time again. They dance around the stalagmites, using everything at their disposal to win the fight no matter what. This is the end of their journey. Neither show any reserve. This is their final battle.
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