I always see in animes guys with delinquent backgrounds, especially protagonists, who are usually portrayed as awesome individuals, despite being pathetic at times. I continue to wonder about the basis of such seemingly unrealistic setting.

That's why I would like to ask: What is it like to be a delinquent in real life? Or have you done any delinquent acts in the past?

For me...
I have done a few mischievous acts before, like:
1. Unintentionally boarding the wrong school service, prompting the security to search for me at the school grounds
2. Unintentionally bumping into a cafeteria staff carrying cups of hot water, scalding myself
3. Tearing a quiz paper in front of a teacher
4. Intentionally not submitting a science project
5. Hanging out with high school friends, played billiards, and watched.... you know.
I honestly didn't think I was awesome.