You may have remembered there was that old TV cartoon based on the greeting card character of the same name, however there there is now a new one. It consists of 5 online short episodes. They are FLV Flash videos running in a video player that was written in Flash. Interestingly the actual FLV video files (the animations themselves) look as if they were drawn in Adobe Flash (they kind of suck in quality I think). Also the SWF files are located on ASPX pages (whatever that is, it's not normal HTML).

Well I'll now post them here so you can see them and judge for yourself if you like thame.

And if you like them that you wish to keep them. I've reverse engineered the actual location of the FLV files, using a socket sniffer program monitoring Firefox to see what URL the video file indicates it's coming from (just reading the HTTP headers on the data packets gets me this info). So without further ado, here are the FLV video files, if you wish to keep the videos.