Not to long ago, a door was opening leading to the darkness of the beginning... But only one person could see victory as the beginning of the end crept. It was at that moment that he made the choice to sacrifice his own world, just to save another... Though he swore to never use his powers again, sometimes things dont always go as you plan them too...

3 months later, in the forest of kyru, an explosion catches the attention of a new student walking into this particular section of the advent world. At the site, sean (a ninja, dawning red and black accents with a tiger kanji on his back), battles against a scholar named chambers (wearing heavy black, purple and white around his collar). Pele, a shaman, has had her necklace stolen by chambers whose trying to utilize its power, claiming her to be one of the legendary atsai eye users called: "museigen" (japanese for limitless). As sean is caught off guard while trying to protect pele, he is made immobile, in which chambers takes advantage of. Forcing energy from the necklace with his arcane magic, chambers launches a gigantic fireball at sean and pele. Immediately, someone jumps from the thicket of the bushes, grabbing the fireball (surprising chambers), and tosses it behind themself, sean and pele. As the new user adjusts his stance, with bandages wrapping around his arms and torso, covered with tattered and sleevless hoodie, shorts and steel toed boots, sean, telling the user he is late, is greeted by the user removing his hoodie and smiling, calling him "big brother".

The entrance is short lived when chambers fires another set of miniature fireballs at the team that miss... (horribly...). Jace and sean bump fists and launch for chambers with agility and speed. Jace takes a shot for sean who launches to the sky and tosses a set of kunai. Chambers, prepared to move, realizes he cannot! He looks to the ground and sees hands around his ankels and jace slowly raising from the dirt. The kunai hit the ground with an explosion tag on them and jace turns to sand as they blow up. As sean lands, he looks to the sky to see jace in the air, away from the attack and smirks. Pele warns the boys that chambers still has her necklace, but jaces' attention is cut short as 3 blasts erupt from the smoke. Barely dodging the first two, he is saved by sean on the final one who tackles him from the sky and jace supports his landing. It is here that jace notices that sean is hurt and sean plays it as if he is not. Thunderclouds quickly form to everyones' surprise and pele yells to the boys who look to the smoke to see that chambers has a barrier and another spell at the read, thunder...

The stroke of lightning hits both jace and sean dead on and the impact makes and explosion that separates the brothers as they slam into trees. Sean slides down, uncontious, as jace falls on his stomach. Jace opens his eyes, calling for his brother and notices chambers walking his way with a faint shadow of the inner spirit of the necklace floating behind him. A whistle fills the air and objects hit chambers and explode. Jace, peeking thru the smoke, sees pele making a dash and using what looks like seeker fireballs to take his attention off of the boys. Though it works, jace struggles to get up and cannot, but looking directly across from him, sees sean. Another explosion pops but doesnt stop jace from forcing his way to his brother. Worried from no response, again his attention is tugged at when chambers begins to create one gigantic fireball above the area. Jace looks to his brother and apologizes from breaking "that promise."

energy begins to circulate around jace as he opens his eyes, that spark yellow, and make a massive gust of wind shake chambers stance and spell. Chambers, trying to break past his fear, makes the spirit shoot wildly and it looks to connect until he hears jaces' voice behind him beside pele, asking to watch over his brother. Confused, he combines his magic with the spirits fireball volley. Jace pulls a wall of earth between them and the assault and launches it toward chambers, who is protected by his now cracking barrier. Chambers see this and looks up to notice jace gone and a loud chinging noise beginning to resonate around the barrier. As sparks fly on different parts of the barrier, chambers hauls off and randomly tosses fireballs everywhere. Sean wakes, noticing immediately whats happening to peles' surprise. Chambers haults his assault when another ninja, dawning a black and green attire with the "dog" kanji on his back slides directly in front of him where the original crack began and slices the barrier into pieces. Now behind a winded chambers, he leaps to the sky above the fireball. Chambers frantically looks around and see pele alone and aims to take her out. Tossing his hand to the sky to begin another incantation, he leaves the necklace in plain view and its swiped by sean, who tosses it to pele. The spirit behind chambers begins to disappear as pele catches the necklace, immediately summoning the spirit to the feild behind her. She creates a more compact version of the fireball above as sean leaps out of the way. Jace flips, slamming the heel of his foot into the ball and send it hurdling toward chambers as pele fires her own version. Sean, in the air, creates a giant windmill shiruken made of air element and launches it. When all three connect, a tornadoe of fire blazes to the sky and dissipates.

As jace and sean land, jace rushes to sean and catches him. Chambers is seen retreating on the back of a largebird looking creature. Pele runs to them and thanks them both, sean, sarcastically stating that if she had powers she could've fought at any time. She makes the obvious note that jace, unlike most atsai eye users, used more than just one form. Sean, picks on her for being "stupid" as jace tells her chambers was looking at the wrong person. She deduces that the museigen chambers was looking for was him, but in the shadows, even that theory could be wrong...

Terms used:

Advent - (add-vent) a world much similar to the real world, a world built on the many generations of childrens imagination, that world we all saw at one time as a kid that gave us superpowers

Atsai - (aht - sigh) the eye sight needed to see into the advent world, no adult really has this, and if they do, its a very EXTREAMLY rare feat; every eye color is different and abilities as well

Museigen - (moo-say-gen) legendary atsai users who are capable of housing many different abilities fluently, this only happens once every few generations