Since I can't get enough of the old stuff, I now want to know what AF people's school life was like, particularly the funny and unforgettable stuff.

To start off and always in spoiler tags...
1. When I was in preschool, a classmate of mine peed herself in her seat and cried.
2. It was in 1st grade that I learned that cheating was considered bad.
3. I have an embarrassing history because of intestinal instability; one time I privately excused myself to the teacher but she publicly announced it.
4. In my 3rd grade, a classmate humiliated me for talking about the existence of a fifth state of matter (Bose-Einstein condensate).
5. I had my first "girlfriend" (non-intimate) in 5th grade, which only lasted for one month.

...well, that's just about it~ =w='