Has anyone watched Nabari no Ou? I just found it on Netflix,and I love it.I has Hahuri from Ouran (her voice actor,Briana Palencia,I think) and America from Hetalia!(Eric Vale.) I know Kyoua and France (Tatum) shows up later.

It is about ninjas,and has much of the same mythology as Naruto,but it is much different.

Crappy synopsis:

Apathetic teenager Rokojo (thats his last name,because I forgot his first name) is content yo juspt let his life pass by.But that is not to be when he gets attack by a nabari(ninja) group (whom I forgot the name of too) inculding his substitute teacher,and his langauge teacher and a fellow student save him.Now he knows he great powers inside him,mainly the shinribonsho,a mystical all knowing book.Can he continie on with apathetic life,or will he have to accept his fate has the posseser of the shiribonsho?

I love it and I hope other people do too!

(Also,as anyone read the manga "I Am Here!"? I just read it and I love It,but I can't find any other fans besides this one girl in my class.)