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Thread: Sign-Up: Knights of the Blue Flame

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    Default Sign-Up: Knights of the Blue Flame

    I'm not really sure how this works because I'm kinda new to this but I want to give this my best shot. I had LadyPSerinity approve this RPG so from looking at previous RPG's I will proceed with execution of sign-ups.

    Title: Knights of the Blue Flame
    A long time ago, something known as the “Black Beast” was born. In what seemed to be a total freak accident a beast with six heads came out of virtually nowhere. It was so overpowered it pushed mankind to the brink of total annihilation. The world was eventually covered into the darkness and all hope was lost for the world. Then there was a small hope of light, as 6 heros came from the darkness. Each one with special abilities now known today as the HibaBlue (Hi-ba-blue). Which gives the user to control one ability which they use infused into an item such as a sword or gun. When the user is using the weapon it is in it’s unreleased state. A few selected people are able to use activate the HibaBlue let alone use it to it’s fullest potential.

    Example: Cortosh has the ability of ice, using his sword with a thrust he can form ice around it and make a ice fist thus also causing a freeze effect on the enemy for about 20 seconds. He also can throw projectile ice shards and large swords made out of breakable ice. He can use both projectile and close range combat.

    Example 2: Panime can absorb the energy of others and use it to heal herself. When infused with her sword it can only be used by close combat but uses large amounts of darkness to engulf the enemy for short periods of time as it absorbs the energy. She can use an upwards attack which sends the enemy upwards with her also absorbing energy with each contact it makes.

    When the HibaBlue is used to it’s full potential almost anything can happen, however so far, no one is known to be able to completely activate it. During the time of the 6 heros they taught the people how to wield the HibaBlue and with that the first Blue War began. The Black Beast was eventually destroyed and peace began to overcome the world once again. However in such a short amount a time, the Black Beast after being destroyed released a toxic gas that spread to the skies. What it did to humans was unnatural... but it killed them in the end, to avoid this gas cities were built on top of mountains and bridges and tunnels were created to connect these large cities.. To avoid anymore damage the KBF was formed, it was the central intelligence division for the world, however it controlled most of the remaining world. Anything anyone said or did was under Knights of the Blue Flame. Eventually living this life was starting to bug several hundred people. An entire city rebelled but was brought down to rubble by the hand of one man. The leader of the KBF Hazama. Many people have claimed this to be the Second Blue War however others just call it the massacre of Vacony (Va-con-y).

    In the world today there are 10 cities, one of which has been destroyed so a total of 9 are still in existence. Pierris, Dauck, Fable, Visert, Wiving, Betroy, Codows, Entar, Delpace ande Vacony.
    There are currently 4 more cities that are connected but under construction also the one that has been destroyed is also currently being rebuilt. (Side note: This is a rough example of the building areas, the bridges/tunnels are much longer so they can connect to each mountain)

    The center bases are where the KBF currently stand but are still counted as cities because it still houses people under their law. There is mummer of another rebellion against the KBF but people are hesitant.

    When you begin you will be with either the KBF who will decide what you wear, how you respond and act they will control everything. Or you will be with the rebellion in Fable, this will cause the Third Blue War if enemies clash...

    However there is something bigger unfolding something no one knows about... besides one man. Hazama is the leader of the KBF and intelligence. He is the worlds leading scientist in the HibaBlue and although many other cities have their own scientists no one tops him. He is extremely intellectual but is also known to come off as snobby or a jerk. People fear the power this man possesses. He is said to be currently close to a large break through and people are afraid. He is known to have no mercy, down talk everyone he knows, and worst of all some would find him to be insane. Whoever or whatever he is, people feel that something is about to go wrong...

    Battle System:
    Everyone will start at 300 energy points, these are used when using your special abilities such as ice, health absorption, fire etc

    For each attack you create you have to create a Energy Drain to the attack. Which tells us how much energy this one attack uses. If I find you to be too low or high I will ask you to change it.

    The purpose for this is so people don't spam the same attacks, have a variety of movements and attacks.

    Side note: Special attacks include but are not limited to - Fire, water, earth, air, electricity, health absorption, light, darkness, and anything else you can think of. People can have the same ability but different powers.

    Sample Character Sheet (Blank):
    Attacks (special): (enter attack name and description here) Energy Drain (at the end of attack description):
    Element (or whatever else you're using ex: magic):
    Position in KBF or Rebellion: (this can range from 1st lieutenant to just someone in the crowd)

    Side note: If you are having a hard time describing attacks you may also add a picture to show us what you mean if you can find one.

    Sample Character: (This is the leader of the KBF at this moment):
    Name: Hazama
    Age: Unknown
    Appearance: and from a front view:
    Weapon(s): Butterfly Knifes
    Attacks (special): Ourobours - A chain of darkness that extends outwards in the form of a snake. It can latch on and pull him closer to an enemy. He can go at blinding speed when using it and different angles to avoid being hit. Max chains he can use at once are two ED (energy drain) is at 10 energy.
    Serpents Benediction: A circle of green darkness surrounds him and makes his neck attack 10x more powerful. ED is at 15 energy.
    Stabbing Darkness: A quick wave of darkness that pushes an enemy back and may stun them for 5 seconds giving him time to attack. ED is at 5
    Raising Serpent: A large thick wave of darkness extends from a high kick at an angle, sending the enemy flying into the air where he can then use Oroborus to grab and do air combos. ED: 20 enegry
    Extended Serpent Tail: A circle of darkness engulfs the enemy stunning them, allowing him to pull them close and keeps them stunned for about 20 seconds. After he performs a variety of attacks from his butterfly knife he tends to form three thick snakes from darkness and lunge them towards the enemy to send them flying backwards. ED: 100 energy
    Final Serpent: He creates a very large snake of darkness and has complete control of it for about 30 seconds. It is said to resemble the black beast and is very powerful and hard to destroy. ED: 250 energy
    Element (or whatever else you're using ex: magic): Darkness/Serpents
    Background: When Hazama was little he was happy, he was a good boy and everyone was always nice to him. He had the brains, and looks, and he loved to be alive. The day of the incident he returned home from the lab to his beloved sister hung in the kitchen, his mother on the ground with a bullet through his head and his father with pills next to his body and head in the toilet. This forever changed him, as the black beast was destroyed he quickly built up the KBF, but not for the purest intentions...
    Position in KBF or Rebellion: Captain or Leader of KBF

    This is copy and pasted from Google Docs so if links are not working or something is off please be sure to let me know in the Out of Character section that will be up very shortly. Thank you and please enjoy/sign-up!
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