Hi all. Short intro, just thought I'd join this forum after finding it today. I'm currently in LA going to uni, and can speak Japanese and Chinese. Also have done translation work in the past and still am

As far as anime goes, well, I like Urusei Yatsura the most, have memories of watching it on PBS of all stations. Also was into the whole Pokemon thing when it was a "thing" over here in the US. Nowadays my anime viewing is mostly limited to very old stuff. Only Manga I have ever read is stuff based off of the Ganbare Goemon video game series from Konami, if anyone is familiar with that.

I chose my name since I randomly watched a Bonkers episode in the background of wrapping a package today Chose this avatar since the eyes make me think of typical Japanese girls and their big eyes in anime lol.

Nice meeting you all. And if you ever want something that you've been itching to get translated into English, we can possibly work something out Hope to have a blast!