so i am looking for a good anime maybe a slice of life type one. what i like is present day stuff like haruhi suzumiya or code geass death note or black lagoon etc. i would like something i can really sink my teeth into that is still ongoing and i can read the fansub manag online etc.

What i am really tired of is stuff like ranma or such comedy where the same thing happens over and over, or such things like sekirei or heavens lost property. also along these lines i hate the fanservice where the main charecter falls into the boobs every 5 seconds.

also i am tired of the dbz type fighting anime where person a is strong but comes across a stronger person and has to trane to get stronger then he is stronger untill the next bad guy and lather rinse repeat type thing.

lastly i dont want meccha never cared for it, i only watched code geass cause i was told that the mecchas were "frosting" and i have to agree.