Oh, yay! My two most hated things in one thread!

Swag is a useless trend. When I see someone who proclaims to have swag, I proceed to inform them that they are mindless sheep following the herd. They can not think for themselves, so they go on to do what everyone else does in order to fit in. Without the herd, they'd be forced to face who they really are. Could you imagine the horror!?

YOLO means you only live once. Whoever birthed this phrase deserves to be drawn and quartered. First of all, it is absolutely an obvious statement. We don't get to live four times? Damn it...I thought those green mushrooms would help. I won't lie. I do believe the message behind it is a good one, but when you're going out drinking and driving because YOLO, you don't deserve to use the term. Helping at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving? THAT is YOLO. Volunteering at your local pet shelter? THAT is YOLO. Serving in the Armed Forces? Also YOLO.