Dang it, internet problems. Sorry for the delay.

I say -Ro- is more likely to be a wolf than Deathblade. Not only he voted against Kasumi who turned out to be a townie but also Zombiewolf confirmed my suspicions.
I was suspicious of him thats why I voted him in the first day phase so they might try to kill me during night phase 1. And might claim that they became a scapegoat which would fail since I am untouchable.
But I failed, did not even get their attention xD. Ever since then, everyone became so cautious of me for defending Ribbon who I thought to be innocent.
Of course the wolves wont bother killing me as they expect me to be lynched during the 3rd day phase.
Now for what I theorized that happened during the night phase:
-Ribbon, who was the head wolf, tried to kill Scruffy during the first night phase.
-It failed because of the interference by the protector,thus, it shows on Zombiewolf's list that Ribbon was the first in the line.
-With Ribbon's death, I expect the head wolf was passed down to the other wolf which is definitely between -Ro- and Deathblade.
-The wolves probably thought that the protector couldn't protect the same player twice as what it usually as a default so his death was inevitable.
-It is impossible for the both of them to be wolves. Why would the other wolf use an ability to a dying player?
-That leaves to my strong theory that there should be only one wolf amongst them and I am leaning on -Ro-
I mentioned once that the rest of the wolves are inactive and -Ro- is one of them.

I think I said about my suspicions against -Ro-. There is no way Zombiewolf could be lying.
Eventually, we will lynch the people who targeted Scruffy and if none of them are wolves, Zombiewolf will be toast.

Sorry Deathblade, I can't defend you since I don't have much information about you if you are really innocent.

This is not really what I intended to report but I will continue next day phase.

Hope no one will become Grammar Nazi with this post xDD