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Thread: Logo and signature request

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    Default Logo and signature request

    Hello, I am a producer of a television show for Public Access TV, and I am a very creative person, yet I feel that I should let this be an opportunity for somebody wanting to get to have their name out there a bit. I am working on almost 100% of the show by myself and wouldn't mind passing the baton on to a new friend to help make the show's logo. I am looking for 2 things, one is a logo for the show, and the 2nd is a signature to use on the forum.

    As for the logo, the show is called Heart of Japan, something simple, something eye catchy, and I can't possibly decide on having dragons, or a temple, or a new character, or whatever, there are so many amazing ideas I would just rather have somebody else think of something for me. IMPORTANT: this logo will be used on the show itself, the website for the show, and I will need a name (real or artistic) that will be used in the credits for the show. For questions just send me a PM so I am sure to read it.

    As for a signature,(does not need to be Heart of Japan Related) really the same criteria, just that any medium is allowed as long as it follows all the signature rules to the forum (I will check). I would like whoever make the signature to sign it in some sort of fashion. The first episode to the show I am hoping to tape in September, with the first episode premiering in October, and I can afterwords of the first airing of the show on Public tv may place it online for everyone to see. I do retain the rights to the show but must give credit to where it is do.

    I would like to in addition give a gift to the artist from the AF shop, and a 200 more gil as a special thanks for their hard effort to help me out! "Oisogashii tokoro, domo arigato gozaimasu."
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