So I'm going to be a Sophomore in college this year and I'm wanting to major in either Information Technology, Computer Science, or Computer System Information now the thing is that I'm very weak in math so i'm not sure which one of these fields would be the lest math oriented I hate math with a passion but everything involves math and I can't avoid that but I was just wondering which of these three is considered the best in terms of salary or being available. I also spend all my time in front of a computer and I enjoy technology so that's why I'm considering one of these three majors but I was wondering if someone could also explain the differences between these three as well. I also was curious as to which seems to be the lest boring or maybe a more entertaining one. I'm just looking to see if someone can provide me some information about each one and also which field makes the most money and which one is the most entertaining and lest math based. I was also curious to see which one you would recommend as well and for what reason would you recommend it