Hi. I don't really do much with html... at all. But lo and behold, I've been asked to do something that may require it... unless I can find some site or tool out there to make things easy.

Here's what I'm looking for the web host to be able to do for me:
+Password protected membership
+pay for membership
+they want to be able to have their Powerpoint slideshows in a viewable format ON the website (not available for download, but kind of like a flash video embedded in) that would only be available for those paying for membership. I understand doing this with a powerpoint file may be a little farfetched or impossible when it comes to website creation made easy, but is there some alternative that could offer the same security of the content not being freely distributable while still not requiring expensive Flash creation tools?
This is pretty much it when it comes to the standards that must be met. If you could help me, I'd be grateful. Thankyou!