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Thread: Wolf XXVII: King Maker [Portal Edition] Game Thread

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    Default Wolf XXVII: King Maker [Portal Edition] Game Thread

    Welcome players!!

    Lets start things off with a breakdown of this game, which can be found here:

    -No role revealing. Hinting is ok.

    -Keep forum rules in mind. No cursing, flamming, etc.

    -NO outside communications

    -NO POSTING DURING THE NIGHT PHASES. Only reaction posts or spam is allowed.

    - All votes must be in bold. They will not be counted otherwise.
    Example: [vote execute player x]

    - You must vote once per day. Anyone caught not voting on either consecutive Day Phases or three days total will be inactive-killed. Remember, posting does not constitute a vote. (Unless your vote is bolded.) VOTING NO LYNCH IS *NOT* AN OPTION

    -Vote Chnaging: If you have already voted and wish to change your vote, there is still time during that same Day Phase. To do so recast your vote once more by bolding the name of the new player, and also mention who you are changing the vote from in bold.
    Example: [vote change player y] instead of player x.

    -Do not post again if you have died until AFTER the entire game is over [I will allow the exception of posting spam/reactions during the night phases]

    -Do not post in this thread if you are not involved with the game or if you are not a Mod.

    How it works:
    Day and night phases will last a period of 24 hours.

    Every night phase, the King Maker will second me his/her first and second choices [regular players] for king. This will be based on how well players gather information, form suspicions, etc, thus gaining the kings trust. NOTE: You cannot pick the same player to be king twice [I will allow a player to be re-chosen for king after 5 phases]. SHOULD THE KING MAKER FAIL TO PROVIDE 2 NAMES FOR KING, THE KING MAKER WILL BE LYNCHED BY THE TOWN.

    Once a king is chosen, it is the kings decision as to who is lynched. KEEP IN MIND- Killing the hero will result in the kings death, exposing the hero. The hero will no longer be able to become king.

    Anyone can become king, you just need to convince the king maker to pick you!

    Assassins/wolves [whichever] need to blend in with the town, slowly killing off players during the night phase while pinning them against each other during the day phase. Yes, an assassin can become king, so choose wisely king maker!

    How to win:
    Kingmaker- You win if the town wins
    Villagers/Kings- Kill all the assassins
    The Hero- You win if the town wins
    Assassins- You win if you reduce the number of townies to the same number of *current* assassins [meaning if theres 2 assassins left, they need to bring the number of townies down to 2]


    King Maker-Cave Johnson. Your role is to send the GM your first and second choices for king.

    Back up-Caroline. You will become Kingmaker should Cave Johnson be executed/assassinated. Otherwise, you are a normal villager

    Hero-Chell. Should the king choose you to be executed, the town will rally up and kill the king instead. However, you can be assassinated, so stay quiet! If its found you are the hero you cannot become king.

    GLaDOS- Head assassin. GLaDOA will make final decisions on who is assassinated. Should GLaDOS be lynched, assassinations be be vote based
    Animal King
    Anger Core

    Wheatley [Intelligence Dampening Core]
    Adventure Core [Rick]
    Space Core [Andy]
    Fact Core
    Logic Core [cake core]
    Curiosity Core
    Morality Core
    Companion Cube
    Defective Turrets
    Oracle Turret

    **Note** all players, aside from the King Maker, Hero and Assassins are regular townies. There are no special roles aside from those three roles. Should the King Maker be lynched/assassinated, the back up King Maker will become the new King Maker, otherwise he/she is a normal townie.

    List of Players:
    1. Deathblade/13.666
    2. thethunderbringer
    3. Dark Butterfly killed night phase 1, defective turret
    4. Hakoshi
    5. Ryutama killed night phase 2, oracle turret
    6. CrimsonMoon
    7. ZombieWolf2508
    8. すずめ
    9. Seraphin killed night phase 3, Chell
    10. -Ro-
    11. River Kingston modkilled day phase 3, P-body
    12. The Rebel
    13. November
    14. animeyay
    15. Cheese the saurus Rex modkilled day phase 3, curiosity core
    16. DenjaX lynched by king, GLaDOS
    17. Folter
    18. Daken lynched day phase 1, companion cube

    Let the testing begin
    Day Phase 1 has begun
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