While the moon glows with her shy emollience
I bask in the rays which wish to reach me,
Their numina gives off the sense of clairvoyance
As I sit beneath this mostly metaphorical tree

Another few moments could reveal the harbinger
Even when the inevitable is the impossible,
I await the erudite words of the final arbiter
When it's presence would be the least logical

Should the night-winds take me away from here
I would wonder when I'd see again- the moon,
With her roundness a'blaze with fires of fate
The golden shine glitters aloft with her boon

If I take her kind hand onto my heart-
I wonder, if the light will ever leave me,
In darkness and wonder, I've felt a'sundered
Would her embrace be a joyous decree?

When sovereign songs die over years in time
And revolutions occur at each century,
Was there ever doubt in our amorous devout
As the feelings hung about life's clerestory

Another night lingers on as I watch the sky
Once more I find myself wondering 'why',
A question so applicable to various angles
A wonder so lofty it reaches the angels