This is by far the longest poem I've ever written and also my attempt at a faerie tale of sorts. I turned it into a short story later but this was how it began its life. Hope you like it, despite being super mega long!

A princess sits at her window
Watching the prince below
She watches his sword fly
To him she is betrothed

She does not love him
Her heart is with another
A lonely servant boy
Grown without a mother

The prince looks up and smiles
Then he blows her a kiss
She pretends to receive it
But really it missed

That night she snuck out
For her nightly walk
Then deep in the woods
She heard someone talk

"Come here, my child
You look distressed
Tell me why you cry
Why so depressed?"

"I must marry one I hate
With the one I love near
He's selfish, vain, and cruel
It's him I truly fear"

The woman said she would help
But she wouldn't say why
Only that if she interfered
The princess would surely die

The princess was wary
But she still said yes
She thanked the woman and went home
For a good night's rest

She woke up from a maid's screaming
"Help! Help! The prince is dead!"
The princess knew why
And was soon filled with dread

She didn't bother changing
And ran as fast as she could
She had to find that woman
Somewhere in the woods

She finally found the woman
Fast asleep by a tree
She slapped the woman to wake her
She reacted violently

The princess was thrown to the ground
The woman hovering above
The princess was in horrible pain
From the powerful shove

"I said not to interfere
And you didn't obey
Now you must die, my dear"
So the woman did say

As she lifted up her strong arm
And plunged it down
She ripped out the beating heart
Blood splashed all around

"I will keep my promise to help
Your love will have your heart
He just won't know why
Your soul had to depart"

The woman went to the castle
And ran into the servant boy
"I must talk with you, lad
This news you will not enjoy"

She pulled out the heart wrapped in cloth
And held it out to him
"The princess wanted you to have this
As her life was becoming dim

She didn't want to marry the prince
But wanted you instead
Because of the intense depression
She is now dead

She took her own life with a dagger
And cut this out
'Give this to the one I love'
Was her final shout"

The servant boy started to cry
He had loved her as well
But, sadly, rules were rules
His feelings he could not tell

The woman handed him the cloth
He slowly peeled it away
When he saw what was inside
He was flooded with dismay

Since through love their hearts were one
His eyes began to turn grey
He fell and dropped the heart
As his life faded away

The woman left the heart and boy
And took a walk back home
Waiting for another to wander near
So her services she could loan

And she lived happily ever after...

I promise my future poems will be much shorter! This is just one of my personal favorites of what I've written.