I have a problem, have had for a while... the last 6 months of my work has been absolute hell, I get blamed for everything, shouted at, talked down to infront of clients/customers, get told I've not to get a break because I don't come into work 15 minutes early?!

the worst thing is it's my boss that's doing the bullying, I have no idea what to do, I've always been a good worker, I even went out my way to take sick animals home (I work in a reptile store) after the last guy (who got sacked) screwed up and nearly killed about 3 of them, I even took a Bearded Dragon off her that she was going to put down just because he had a mangled leg (I got the vet to amputate it), then we had talked about me paying up a new vivarium for my dragon, so that I didn't need to fork out 300 at once, she told me it was okay, then today when I went to take all the stuff down she demanded a big deposit or I wasn't getting it, now my dragon (who is now needing out of his hospital tank) is stuck in this tiny little vivarium, I don't get paid till next week and she knows I would never take advantage of that, I kept a sick chameleon for over 6 months for her! paying the electricity bills etc, all I get in return is hell.

I don't know what to do, I've seen so many animals get into horrible conditions because she refuses to listen to me, I dread going to work every day and I don't know what to do

anyone else been in a similar situation?! if so, what did you do, it's not as if I can talk to her about it as it's her that's doing it