Wearing: some random old shirt and random old work-suit-pant-things. Because I'm too lazy to go look for actual trackies.
Hair: Bedhead.
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Orange & Mango juice. Tastes nasty bitter, probably should have just got the regular orange juice.
Thinking: If God loves all of Man, then why the hell did he give me chronic back pain?
Feeling: Like I want to just sedate myself on aspirin and go back to sleep.
Talking to: Nobody.
Listening to: Dead C.A.T. Bounce, via my laptop.
Watching: Bandits explodify on Borderlands when I shoot them in the face-hole. Yay, PhysX!
Loving: It's Sunday.
Hating: This back pain. Do not want.
Wanting: The above to magically disappear.
Waiting for: Dunno. Maybe waiting for when I debate whether to order fried chicken or not. whut whut.
Situation: Sat at home, chillaxing by shooting the face-holes of bandits on Borderlands ... and kinda wishing I hadn't bought so many cartons of this damn juice because it tastes FOOOOUL.